CASTING CALL – “Exonumia”

Non-Union / Short Series Pilot / Action/ Drama/ Fantasy
Location: Sudbury, ON
Shoot Dates: TBD, Mid October Early Nov
Submission Method: Self Tape Submission

Deadline: Oct 12th 2022 - 6:00pm EST
Compensation: Unpaid, meals and final cut provided
EFFIGY Entertainment
Director: Brandon Burkley, Dustin Moore, + Special Guests
Writer: Brandon Burkley
Casting: EFFIGY Ent.

The gods are dead. Centuries after the fall of the Titans, raged a war between the remaining immortals. In the end, seven fragments containing the infinite powers of the gods were lost on earth to shelter them from unwarranted grasps. Until now...
(Inspired by series like “Game of Thrones”, and "The Boys”. Mature. Graphic in nature).


(Principal) Zeus [Male] –40 -50's Father figure. Stern in tone. Hardened. Years of dealing with harsh emotions, betrayal and trauma has soured his breath. A reserved man who rarely show’s emotion. Aside from rage. Takes action when required.

(Principal) Hades [Male] – 35-50's. Laid back, arrogant. Very cocky in nature. Hades relies on his wit and intelligence to gain advantages or manipulate others. Psychopathic in nature. Very charming, yet untrustworthy.

(Principal) Ares [Male] – 25-45's. Fit in stature. Ares is arrogant, aggressive and quick to act without thinking. Extremely rebellious in nature, and very un-agreeable. Misogynistic in his viewpoints.

(Principal) Taylor [Male] – 30-50's Taylor is a popular wrestler for the local independent circuit. Fueled by an over-the-top masculine lifestyle, Taylor hides a secondary life as a crossdresser, drag queen.

(Principal) Aphrodite [Female] - 25-40's. Manipulative and supremely cunning. Arrogant in nature, and extremely vindictive. Aphrodite has found her way into and above most difficult situations. While seemingly non-threatening she is one of the most silently ambitious, and deadly of the remaining gods.

(Principal) Athena [Female] - 25-35's. Athena is a proud strong woman. Being fiercely independent, she must learn to let her guard down and trust other people’s judgement or advice. She is very honorable and loyal, yet slightly rebellious in nature, which comes off as arrogant.

(Supporting) Themis [Female] - 35-50's. Honor and judgement. Themis, being the right hand to Zeus, is responsible for conducting both. Incredibly strong willed, physically and mentally. Themis is confident, and courageous. She stands for justice at all costs.

(Principal) Connor [Male] - 18-30's. A drifter and hustler. Connor is a noble thief. Having grown up in harsh conditions, Connor learned to fend for himself at a very young age. While he still has many flaws, there’s a spark of great potential within him. Kind hearted, and a leader when needed.

(Supporting) Blake [Male] - 18-30's. A drifter and hustler. Blake is angry at the world. He conceals his depression behind bursts of anger. Blake deals with thoughts of suicide, but doesn’t share them. He dreams of martyrdom. He’s become rather apathetic towards most of the world other than the ones he cares for.

(Supporting) Timothy [Male] Any Age. A gullible man tries his hand at fortune.

Please submit headshot/resume below. Those selected will be sent sides and instructions on how to submit their self tape.


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