CASTING CALL – “Veracitum”

Non-Union / Short Film / Thriller
Location: Sudbury, ON
Shoot Dates: TBD, April/May 2022, 4 days, evenings/weekends
Submission Method: Self Tape Submission Deadline: Apr. 8, 2022 - 6:00pm EST
Compensation: Unpaid, meals and final cut provided
Effigy Entertainment
Producers: Brandon Burkley, Dustin Moore
Director: Dustin Moore
Writer: Dustin Moore
Casting: Brandon Burkley, Dustin Moore

Storyline: Reo, a bemused artist, is informed that he has been missing for two months and must decide which explanation for his disappearance is the truth before its too late.

Roles: (Principal) Reo Male – Early 30’s to early 40’s Tired, confused, determined, and creative. Must make a difficult and life changing decision.

(Principal) Salesman Scientist Male – 40’s or 50’s Speaks to Reo through a pre-recorded tape. Warm, friendly, trustworthy, lighthearted. Casper Darling type.

(Principal) Amy Female – Early 30’s to Early 40’s Emotional. Loving, caring, and grieving for her husband, Reo.

(Principal) Yves Male – Early to late 40’s Reo’s brother. Grizzled and stalky, but with honest eyes and soft smile.

(Actor) Assistant Any gender, any age Warns Salesman Scientist off-screen. Voice only.

Please submit headshot/resume below. Those selected will be sent sides and instructions on how to submit their self tape.


Please provide a photograph of yourself.