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Thank you for your interest in submitting your independent film to Effigy Entertainment. We are dedicated to showcasing innovative and captivating stories from talented independent filmmakers around the world. Our submission process is designed to be straightforward and transparent. Please provide detailed information about your film to ensure it aligns with our criteria. Note that we do not accept pornographic material. Trailers are also welcome for initial review.

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Please include the following promotional materials with your film submission to assist in marketing and showcasing your film if selected: Transparent Logo or Vector: Please provide a high-resolution transparent logo of your film or production company in one of the following formats: PNG, SVG, AI, or EPS. Poster and Promotional Materials: Submit the official film poster and any additional promotional materials in high-resolution JPEG or PDF format. These may be used for promotional purposes across various platforms. These materials are crucial for effective promotion and visibility during screenings and in festival-related communications. By providing these files, you ensure that your film is represented accurately and professionally.